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We are an advertising company that focuses on garnering greater publicity for musicians and bands. Founded in 1980, we’ve adapted to changes in technology, expanding from traditional roadside and television ads to publicizing our clients over the Internet.

For Musicians

Vocal Vacations works with bands and musicians who seek to play abroad, finding them venues in foreign cities or on cruises. We’ll put you in contact with the venue in question and help you negotiate your contract, plan your trip, and publicize your performance.

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For Fans

Have you ever dreamed of going on vacation with your favorite band? We let you book a vacation alongside one of hundreds of popular musicians. We provide you with hotel reservations, travel itinerary, and VIP passes to see our stars before their performances.

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For Press

We work closely with local media to ensure all events are covered and we encourage reporters to attend our events and to interview our musicians privately. We provide advance information, press passes, and free translation services whenever there is a language barrier.

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If you’re new to making music, Evolv will teach you the skills you need to get started! Our team is trained to play and teach most of the instruments we carry, and if there’s an instrument we can’t play, we’ll put you in touch with an instructor who can!

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Evolv Records put our band on the map. Before they opened, we couldn’t find a recording studio that was willing to take a chance on our songs, but Resolve was confident that we could succeed.

Bridget Clark

While on tour, we received an invitation to record a song for free at Evolv and absolutely fell in love with the studio. We ended up recording our entire new album there.

Josh O’Neill

Meet Our Team

Besides raising awareness of your band, we also helps you find venues for your performances, partnering with a wide range of restaurants, schools, coffee shops, and convention halls.

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